What Only 1% Of Guys Know That ‘Nice Guys’ Don’t

How Former ‘Nice Guys’ Are Getting Their Dream Girl

(Without having to be a jerk, or faking confidence)


In this Masterclass you'll discover:

  • The one MAJOR thing guys can use right now to stop being seen as just a ‘nice guy’ (and get the girls they want CLAMORING to be with them and only them)
  • The Number One Thing that KILLS her interest (And earns most guys a one way ticket to the friendzone)
  • Why seduction is NOT a numbers game, and why going out night after night is the worst strategy for getting a girlfriend
  • The 5 Simple Things To Look For to Know For SURE If a Woman is Into A Guy… Regardless of how he looks.
  • AND, how to do all of this with complete integrity and authenticity, without becoming a jerk or having to lie to women

Presented by Patrick Ananda

My name is Pat Ananda and I’ve created a revolutionary system for single men that massively multiplies their confidence (so much so that women can feel it from across the room)