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You helped me through something that I haven't been able to do most of my life. My extreme, crippling fear/phobia of approaching people in public (not just hot women but anyone in general) has affected many areas of my life and success. This weekend will go down as the most inspiring events in recent memory. Thanks for believing in me when I lost all hope and almost "tapped out." The biggest insight I took away from your instruction is; I spent most of my life taking love and now I have to give back x2 (if not more). I have a completely different outlook on life, family, friends and love. It's been two days and the lessons are still as strong as they were this weekend. Time to stop being overly emotional 😉 and start to become a warrior and a fucking man. Much Respect,

Rob C,
Rob C, Toronto, Canada

It's hard to imagine that this past May, I was a 22 year old with low self-esteem, uncertainty about women and the world, and quite honestly I had little to no direction in my life regarding what I wanted.

After putting what Pat teaches into practice, I'm blown away. I seriously cannot recognize myself anymore.

I feel so centered, balanced, you name it. I'm addicted to smiling. I talk to women like it's nothing (because it really is no big deal!). I now view myself as an authentic individual.

Where I used to think negatively about something, I rewired my brain to look for the positivity in things. I appreciate the sun, the birds chirping, all the little things. My coworker at work telling me that she thinks of my smile when she's down. My other coworker keeps asking me out for drinks! I cannot begin to express how thankful I am Pat (I even got my first makeout session this past month lol!)"

Ahmad J,
Ahmad J, Manchester, UK

About The Centered Man Project


Just listen to what these guys have to say about the Centered Man Project:

“Since taking coaching from Pat, I’m consistently meeting and dating 3 new women a week… And I only go out on Fridays because of my work schedule. Even when it doesn’t seem to hook right away, women eventually end up attracted to me. My lifelong shyness is gone forever!”

Peter S, Montreal, Canada

“I met Pat 5 years ago, I was watching him coach and was definitely curious. I’ve never seen anyone who could take a total noob and get him to fearlessly approach one, two, or more women and have them absolutely loving him for it. That guy lights a fire under your ass!”

Ashley Shreve, The Modern Gentleman Society

“I got into Pickup in 2005 and haven’t seen anything like the Centered Man Project in over ten years in the seduction community. Pat just makes it so easy! I actually LOVE going out now and I have more phone numbers than I know to do with… I no longer need to rely on creepy pick up lines or weird PUA tactics.

All I do now is leave my house to get to the office and on the way, I speak to one girl, for no more than five minutes, get the number every time and meet up for a date later that week. I just wish I could have learned about this earlier… The Centered Man Project is awesome!”

Edgar Rey, California, USA

“After my second skype coaching session with Pat, I went for a walk downtown, met a gorgeous brunette at American Apparel, fast forward to two months later and we’re moving in together. I was completely relaxed and loving life the whole time! Thanks Pat!”

Chris Alvaro, Madrid, Spain

“Simple. Quick. Easy To learn and put into practice… Did I mention it was simple? This is the fastest way to get your dating life and self-confidence handled!

Ted Van Dongen, Maastricht, Netherlands

“Seriously, things are going amazing... and it's only been a few weeks since working with Pat. I can see how once momentum with all this builds up it takes on a life of it's own.”

Paul Chadarevian, Montreal, QC

“Finished working with Pat two weeks ago. Women are responding quite differently to me now, and I have just started dating one of the most gorgeous, cultured, feminine women I ever met. She has guys hitting on her ALL the time, and she told me she feels nothing for them because they're 'lame', but that her whole body trusts me and she only wants to give herself to me. Crazy shit dude!

Or maybe this is normal for centered guys and it's all the other bullshit behavior that is crazy… Thanks for everything, can't wait to see how things play out”

Paul C, London, UK

“In just a 3 weeks Pat turned my life around - Now I have multiple beautiful women wanting to spend time with me. It's like nothing I've ever experienced. They want to both date me and take care of me. It's so beautiful!”

Arno B,, Munich, Germany

“I can’t believe the quality of women in my life now! Even the most seemingly unattainable women are now a breeze to talk to. This new system is the simplest I’ve tried, completely anxiety-free. You’re the best Pat!”

Chris Ramesay, London, UK

“I’ve spent 10s of thousands of dollars on 4 different bootcamps from PUA companies, went out 7 nights a week, and still couldn’t shake off my approach anxiety, nor get consistent dates that didn’t flake. Then a friend recommended The Centered Man Project and after my first session with Pat, I felt fearless almost instantly.

Oh and I’m finally able to be my most charming self and almost every girl I speak to now can’t wait to see me again. This is crazy!”

Frank Thomas, Boston, USA

“Even though I could be considered ‘more advanced’ I suppose, I felt there was still something missing so I kept shuffling through new material and coaches until I stumbled on The Centered Man Project. In the first session where Pat turned my attention to some subconscious behaviours that were not in line with my values, I was more relaxed and confident than I ever felt, and connecting with beautiful women has never been easier since completing the program.”

Amrit P, London

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