Be Authentic – What Women Crave

I was on a coaching call with one of my clients (HILARIOUS guy, seriously – I love him!) and we were discussing what it was that women actually crave from men. He was confused, so I told him: “Dude… Be authentic!”

Be Authentic – What Women Actually Crave

If I can sum up all that I’ve learned over the years when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, it is just this.

Seriously… there’s an immense power in authenticity.

Unfortunately, it’s a power that few men ever actually tap into.


Good question…

I think it boils down to expectations.

There’s definitely a fear of vulnerability in the mix somewhere, but really I think we’ve gotten so used to not being ourselves that actually being ourselves would require a revolutionary force of will.

But the truth of the matter is that to be authentic is to live an easy life!

My fellow men, I need you to understand: women are NOT stupid.

You’re not being smooth when you’re asking her where the nearest Starbucks is… When in reality your entire body came to life at the sight of her.

You’re assuming that she has no idea why you’re there…

She Knows Exactly Why You’re There!

And that’s what makes it so fun!

To be authentic is to be mischievous with life!

If we’ve already agree that she isn’t stupid – and therefore knows exactly why it is you bypassed the homeless guy, old dude smoking a cigar, and that random woman with the purple hair waiting for the bus, just to “ask her where the nearest Starbucks is”…

Then why even mask your intentions in the first place?

Because We’ve Grown Ashamed Of Being Men

But we don’t have to be…

Think back at your time in high school, where you like Cindy or whatever, and her friends spot you looking at her and ask you if you like her…

“N… No!” You stammer helplessly as they begin to chant that you love Cindy…

But this isn’t highschool – of course I like Cindy!

I’m a man, and she’s a beautiful woman… Of course I like her, of course I want to tell her that she makes me feel alive when I see her, and of course I’m asking her out on a date!

In that moment, you share something the rest of the world doesn’t!

There’s an excitement and passion that permeates the air and you begin the most enjoyable dance of your entire life…

The Dance Of Seduction!

And I for one refuse to show up dressed in anything less than my best outfit.

If you want to wear your best outfit, you have to be authentic.

There’s no substitute for the real you, and there is nothing better than the best you!

The real you is the best you.

That’s what she wants…

That’s who she’s craving for!

Not the you that thinks he’s cool for hiding what he wants…

But the you who knows who he is, owns the fact that he’s a man, shares that beauty with her, sweeps her up into an erotic tango and claims her!

So next time you’re thinking you’re actually being subtle, why don’t you look her right in the eye, and tell her “Look, I have to be honest… The reason I came here is because I saw you from over there and you look so stunningly beautiful that I couldn’t help but come over and talk to you. I just wanted to be real with you and let you know how you made me feel.”

See what happens… I dare you!

Ouf! I got excited just typing that…

Get out there and be authentic… It’s what she actually craves!

Give. Love. Serve.


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