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Hey brother,

It's my pleasure to offer an hour of exclusive one on one coaching for the select few followers on my mailing list.

Think of it as a thank you for reading as well as challenge to jumpstart your romantic and social life, and embody rock-solid confidence.

  • You schedule your spot with me (spots go VERY quickly so please forgive me if I don't respond right away)

  • I send you an invoice for 7 Euros (which is less than the price of a Big Mac Trio)

  • We solve your two, most pressing (not to mention frustrating) issues with actionable advice and exercises you can start using the moment you hop off the call.

The reason I'm offering my time like this is to give back and offer you the chance to grow at your own pace.

The reason I'm charging such a tiny fee is because I want to see that you are committed to actually investing in yourself - even if it's a symbolic amount.

What are you waiting for? I won't be offering this forever, and will only have time to accommodate the first few who jump on this amazing opportunity.

It's a no-brainer!

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