F@$% Your New Year Resolutions

Haha Happy New Year you crazy bastards.

It’s funny to look back at all of this…

What an insane ride it’s been. Just when I think I can’t possibly learn anymore, the universe slaps me with wisdom I never saw coming. It’s pretty cool.

But this isn’t about me…

This is about you.

Yeah, You.

The you that is sitting here, with his fingers crossed going “maybe this year will be the year. THIS year, I will change. THIS year is when it’s all gonna work out for me”.

It Won’t.

But that’s okay!

You see, it won’t because you may not really want change. I mean you think you do – you already bought the gym membership (which you will stop going to by the second week of January). You’ve already blocked all the porn on your computer (until you discover incognito mode on google Chrome), you’re genuinely interested in discovering your passions – but the new Call of Duty just came out so… Oh and you’re gonna get your dating life handled! Yep, you’re gonna go out every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and give love to people left and right… Well… Not EVERY Thursday, Friday and Saturday… That seems exhausting. Oh and you can’t this Thursday cause you really need to get your sleep, got a big presentation on Friday. Oh and Saturday you’ll go to your usual bar, with your usual buddies and have a few beers before talking to someone – because, gotta start off slow, right?

Wait… What’s that? You actually DO want change?

Then F@%$ New Year’s resolutions…

Change Begins NOW!

Not on January 1st. Not tomorrow. Not even in 5 minutes – it begins NOW.

You see, if you really want change as much as you say you do, it has to begin here and now, with a decision.

If not, you can keep kidding yourself. Keep reading my site and think that greatness is for someone else that isn’t you.

You can have rainbows shooting out your ass and a novel-length list of New Years resolutions but the fact is that if you don’t want change as badly as you want to breathe, you won’t change.

Change is not some lofty goal that you have to work towards, it begins now.

The Way Your Life Looks Today Is How Your Life Will Be In The Future

That’s why New Years resolutions are basically useless. It’s just something for most people to hide behind. It’s become funny to most but the reality is really really sad.

No, for real change, all you have to focus on is now.

Did I eat properly today?

Did I go out and give love today?

Did I work on my passions today?

Did I push myself hard today?

Did I live true to my deepest values today?

Most importantly: am I at ease, at peace, and happy, now, in this moment?

Now is your starting point and your only concern.

The way your life is now is how it will be in the future (a Buddhist monk taught me that).

Oh, and stop trying to avoid the bad times and hoping for the good… everything, good or bad, is part of the journey. It’s all an incredible, hilarious, tragic and beautiful story to tell and any missing piece will take away from what this story is. The good, the bad, all of it, is just a part of the story – let it be there and stop resisting. Experience it fully and cultivate your strength from within.

So go ahead and have an amazing New Year! Celebrate, party your heart out, but don’t go into this new year expecting some magical transformation – you are your own saviour and the guarantor of your well being. You either change here, now, or you go back to the same mediocrity you know you don’t want.

The choice is yours.

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Have a happy new year! I wish you joy, love, peace and freedom.

Your fan,


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