Find Peace and Harmony – How to Sort Your Self Out

This is it.

This is where it all leads to.

Don’t you see that nothing on this blog will lead to any good unless you get this part of your life handled.

You see, who you are truly and deep down will always be coming through. There is no amount of cool lines, awesome tricks and witty comebacks that will sufficiently mask your fears, insecurities and doubts.

That’s what most guys don’t realize… Your eyes betray you, they always do – every single time.

So you can spend your time finding intricate ways to hide your problems and never quite deal with them… Or you can finally take charge and confront your fears to create real, lasting, cellular level growth.

There was a guy I knew back home who had been trying to learn seduction for about 7 years. This in itself would not have been remarkable if it weren’t for the fact that he was abysmal at speaking to women. Worse still, he discouraged newbies from pushing themselves, hated on anyone who progressed and simply did not make the effort to change.

Where others would mention they did not like loud clubs, he would point out how much he hated them and simply didn’t go to them – he always hung out at the same dive bar. Where others got really good, he would always attribute it to some fluke like their looks, even though all it really takes to be handsome is to hit the gym for a few months, whiten your teeth, get a new haircut and dress slightly better.

I can go on about this for a while but the point is simple: That guy never progressed because he never took the time to challenge himself, to confront his demons and face his fears. He played it small and stayed small, gradually filling with bile and hatred towards those who surpassed him. He’s not a unique example either – the seduction and self-development industries are littered with people just like him.

So if you want to just learn some lines and ‘how to’ tactics then by all means, go look elsewhere, just bear in mind the kind of fate that awaits those who feel they are above the process. Lines and tactics just become a band-aid, a substitute for never fixing your real issues and thus, never graduating into true manhood.

Still with me? Good.

Do you know what the difference is between situational confidence and core confidence? If you were to step into the same scary nightclub every night for a year, it would start to feel like home… Right?

Now what happens if I take you and shove you into an entirely new place? Just like that, the confidence you felt at the first nightclub will have evaporated and you have to start from scratch.

A lot of people have situational confidence – and that’s not a bad thing either. Go out, as often as possible and in different situations, experience as much as possible. However, the truly sustainable way is to achieve core confidence.

Core confidence is more difficult to grasp, but there is one existing ‘hack’ to jump start your core confidence. In a nutshell, core confidence can only exist through minimizing of the ego. Look at what we cover all over this blog since the very beginning- being happy for the sake of being happy. That was an exercise in minimizing the ego. The ego is the ‘because’, it is the rationalizing goblin that will constantly seek to compare you to others, to diminish you or validate you depending on the situation. Wise men spend lifetimes meditating to conquer the ego, but you don’t have to conquer it – you must simply learn to diminish it.

Through love.

That’s the secret ingredient that will jump start your core confidence. It’s always been about love. Think about it; ego is a reason. I feel good because I’m good with women. I’m good with women because I went on a date with Jenna last week. My friends think I’m cool because I know all the good spots in the city. I am attractive to women because I go to the gym every week. I am successful because I have a 6 figure income. As long as this ‘because’ exists, you will live at the mercy of others.

The ego is the fulfillment of an unspoken contract between you and society. I will live by your rules, and in return you give me validation and an identity when I behave.

Fuck that.

When you refuse to play by those rules – when you annul the unspoken contract, you take a giant leap towards living like a lion.

“the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom” – Osho

And how do we take that first step? By removing the ‘because’ and learning to live in love. How do we remove the ‘because’? By simply letting go.

In order to love, you must first let go

Don’t resist it, don’t fight it, don’t push against it – just let go. Let it all drop, let it all fall away. Let go of what no longer serves you. You’ve played society’s game for far too long and it hasn’t gotten you anywhere near where you want to be, so just drop it.

Letting go is about no longer clinging, and trusting in yourself, the process, and that the world is as it should be. This is your challenge – to take a step off the wobbly throne of the ego and begin to tiptoe your way onto the unshakable foundations of your true inner strength; core confidence. Just let go and stop clinging!

“We only lose what we cling to” – Buddha

So I ask the question I asked many times before: Do you truly love women?

You cannot love women if you cling to their reactions to validate you as a man. You cannot love women if you try to take them home to prove a point to yourself, your friends or others. You cannot love women if you view them as a prize to be acquired and conquered. You cannot love women if you cling and hoard and get jealous. You cannot cling to them.

Has it ever happened to you that you finally managed to get a woman to like you, and so you crashed down onto her like a smothering tsunami, sacrificing your life, your passions, your dreams to make her stay with you? Do you clench up if a man speaks to your woman? Do you get nervous and anxious when she goes out with her friends?

The true lover is in love with his love of women.

This is the secret to that core confidence. This is the key to being able to walk across the room, in front of everyone, looking deep into her eyes and literally making her fall in love with you. At night, during the day, in a mall, at a business meeting – wherever. When a man who truly loves women walks into a room, they feel it right away, they all do.

This is what distinguishes the great men of history from the nobodies and mediocre average Joe’s. The true seducer is so in love with women that he is in love with his own love of women.

Practically, what does this look like? He knows that speaking to a stunning woman is nothing scary, nor is it something he needs to defend or explain. He is a great lover, nothing more to it. When he speaks to women, he does not look for anything in return and instead, is constantly ensuring that she feels incredibly beautiful and unique in his eyes. If she were to be rude to him, he would simply smile to himself, knowing it to be just girls being girls. Nothing to worry about there. All women are beautiful, everyone is art.

Own who you are

This is the final piece of the puzzle I will give you. Understand this, internalize this, and everything else you read on this blog will fall into place easily and beautifully.

The element all great men of history – the great seducers, the great conquerors, the great thinkers, the great lovers… What they all had in common was their complete and total acceptance of who they are and what they desire.

When did it become shameful to be a man? When did our finding women to be incredibly beautiful become something we had to hide and be ashamed of?

Loving beautiful women is what we do. It is what nature intended us to do, it is what we are programmed to do. Own it. Stand with your two feet on the ground and own who you are.

I am a man. I love women. I will not make excuses for who I am. I owe no apology or explanation. What others think of me is not my business. Everyone has the right to invite, everyone has the right to refuse. If you are a beautiful woman, I will walk right up to you without shame and show you that a real man still exists on this earth – that we are not extinct. You don’t have to like me and that is your right, but I will show up as a man…. Every. Single. Time.

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