I Need To Get Real Personal With You For A Second...

Dear Friend,

It’s Patrick Ananda from The Centered Man Project here.Pat2

I’m writing you this letter because I’ve been quietly running a 1-on-1, life-changing program…

...and it’s getting next level results for the guys involved.

In fact, the program has a 100% success rate.

Meaning every single guy who has taken part has had his life transformed.

However, for that reason, I have to be very careful about who I let into the program.

Because I want to maintain that 100% success rate.

Right now, we’re close to full capacity. There are only a couple of spots left.

And I’m wondering if you might be the right guy for one of those spots.

However, before we even get into that, I want to be up front with you…

There’s A Good Chance
This Is Not for You Right Now

Because I can only work with a certain type of guy. The right guy is at a place in his life, where he’s really ready to make some big changes, and start seeing some incredible results with women. Because these changes take time - investment, motivation, and a lot of commitment. So if you’re not ready to make those changes just yet, that’s fine. You’re more than welcome to check this out again when you’re further down the road. But if you’re thinking that now could be the time to make some big changes in your life... Meaning you’ve been thinking for a while about getting your confidence handled, and you’re feeling reading to pull the trigger. Then maybe this could apply to you, so I invite you to read on.

The 100% Success Rate Program I’ve Been Running Behind The Scenes

This program is like nothing you’ve ever seen before - There's nothing else like it.

Because every single guy who has taken part has transformed into the type of man women dream about.

They’re feeling worthy of dating and sleeping with the hottest girls, and worthy of those girls loving them, for the men they are.

How have they been getting these results?

By working directly with me, 1-on-1.

Even though it takes more of my time and effort on my part, I believe that personal interaction is the key to getting next-level results.

Whether it’s achieving financial success, mastering a skill, transforming your body… or becoming successful with women.

Personal interaction is the quickest, easiest, most effect way to the goal.

As I mentioned above, I’m willing to take on a couple more guys.

I’ll work with those guys directly, and I’ll transform their lives.

Though before I invite you to apply, I want to give you a bit of an understanding of what it’s like to work with me.

So I want to share two guys’ stories with you (from the dozens of guys I’ve helped):

Case Study #1: Kevin, 23

“Debilitating Stutter to Social Hero”

Kevin moved to Canada, from Singapore.

His intense stutter was crushing his confidence, and he was getting zero action from girls in college.

He’s a really bright guy, doing his masters degree.

Kevin had the balls to stand up and admit he needed some tweaks.

So he came to me and we started doing some lifestyle development.

I taught him how to talk to women, and how to approach them.

We dove into discovering his passions, and designing the type of life he wanted to lead.

...And sure enough, things started to change.

He got in shape from working out at the gym 3 times every week.

Some grooming tips helped him dress better and look more handsome.

And soon he had no trouble talking to girls and developing his social circle.

In fact, he called me up a couple of weeks later and invited me to his own house party... And WOW! I was shocked.

He had a bunch of cool friends over. He was the center of attention. And there were loads of beautiful girls.

At one point he whipped out his guitar and started playing – talk about confidence!

And of course the girls came flocking to him.

And here’s the sugar on top: Kevin was on a flight to New York and he strikes up a conversation with the girl sitting next to him…

…and she gets so turned on by his deep breathing, they ended up going home together and hooking up!

Thanks Kevin – success stories like yours make it all worth it.

Case Study #2: Derrick M, Munich, 29

(Incredible Confidence Transformation)

Second we have Derrick, an American living in Munich, Germany.

Derrick had a generally cool vibe, and he was doing 'okay'.

But he wanted to take his life to the next level.

He wanted more adventure… he wanted to feel like his career was skyrocketing…

He wanted more options with women… he wanted more control over his life.

He wanted to live a life of his own design, around beautiful women, and to feel fulfilled.

Seeing as he had such a commendable goal, I invited him to my program.

We both realized what Derrick’s problem was – he was holding himself back.

He was suppressing his ambition, his confidence, and his desire for women… because he was afraid of being judged for being more successful than his peers.

So we talked about how to push his authenticity, being ok with his ambition, how to stop suppressing his core personality.

Usually it takes a few months to make a huge transformation.

But after just 1 month, Derrick got amazing results.

He got rid of cancerous relationships with people who were dragging him down.

He surrounded himself with ambitious people who were on the same wavelength.

He started his own reggae band.

He met a gorgeous punk rocker girl who was just his type and dated her for a few months.

And now he lives a balanced, passionate life, surrounded by beautiful girls.

Congratulations, Derrick – you were a pleasure to work with!

As You Can See...
Working 1-on-1 with Me Is Powerful

If you were to work with me, you would experience similar results.

You’ll not only gain the confidence to speak to and date any woman, any time… You’ll also have those women coming back to you, and staying with you.

Which means when you meet your dream girl, you’ll be able to claim her, and she’ll be loyal to you, and never want to leave you.

Furthermore, you can expect other areas of your life to improve. From your lifestyle, to your job, to the feelings of passion and purpose burning inside you.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve… I assure you I’m capable of helping you achieve it - I guarantee it.

Here’s the problem: I only have time to work with 24 guys over the next 6 months.

That’s only 4 new guys per month, or 1 per week.

I’m sorry the numbers are so low. I’d love to work with more, but I simply do not have time, due to my speaking engagements, and tight content creation schedule.

Will You Be The Next Success Story?

If I’m going to maintain a 100% success rate, I have no choice but to be very careful when choosing the guys I work with.

So I’m wondering if you could be right for this.

The biggest requirement is that you will commit to taking action and implementing what I teach you.

That’s why it’s so important that you be at a stage in your life where success is so important to you, that failure simply is not an option.

Are you at the stage in your life right now, where you’re ready to make some big changes?

Are you ready to transform your life?

If you really feel you’re the guy I’m looking for, then I encourage you to fill in the application form below, and apply to work with me directly.

I will then read every word of your application

And if your application makes me believe you could be the kind of guy I’m looking for, we’ll get one the phone and chat about working together.

Then, if you are accepted into my coaching program…

… I will transform your life, forever. I guarantee it.

If You Think You're Ready...
Here's What to Do Next

Please take your time with the form, and write your best stuff.

I want to know that you’re perfect for this. Because only guys who are dead serious about getting their confidence and success with women handled will be considered.

And know this -- I’m rooting for you. I want you to succeed. I want you to be the right guy. I have made it my passion to help guys just like you. You deserve this!

Just like when you approach a beautiful women… she’s got her fingers crossed, hoping you’re an amazing guy (and guess what -- if you make it through my program -- you will be.)

So good luck!

Hope to see you on the other side

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