How To Be A Man – Foundations Of Masculinity

“If you don’t realize the source, you stumble in confusion and sorrow. When you realize where you come from, you naturally become tolerant, disinterested, amused, kindhearted as a grandmother, dignified as a king.” – Tao Te Ching

Sit down, strap yourself in, buckle up…

I’m about to drop some serious wisdom on you right now.

*Warning: symptoms may include increased confidence, more self-respect, a sense of wonder and joy, and profound inner peace. Read at your own risk.

As A Man Thinketh In His Heart…

How do you feel?

Don’t think – I’m not asking you a general question.

I mean right here, and now, in this moment, reading the words on the screen – how do you feel?

Okay so maybe not that amazing.

Maybe you just got home from a night of ego beatings.

Maybe the paycheck you were waiting on is a few days late.

Maybe you’re going through heartbreak right now.

Now here’s what I want you to do.

I want you to take a deep breathe and become minutely attentive to your body.

Go deep into it, relax, open up, breathe deep.

Can you feel it now? The undercurrent of peace that is always there.

It’s always been there, you’ve just lost sight of it.

What Maketh A Man?

Listen to me carefully.

The one, founding principle that will determine how much of a man you actually are – the one element that will determine your greatness, the quality of your life, your ability to achieve and succeed – is how unreactive you are to the world around you.

Yep, unreactivity is the pillar of masculinity.

Let me repeat that: Unreactivity is the pillar of true masculinity

Most people confused unreactivity to rigidity, numbness.

What I’m talking about is the ability to remain completely unaffected by the bad times and the good times.

Unreactivity is vulnerability, humility and openness all wrapped up in a bundle.

It’s being so completely immersed in your love for life itself that no matter what happens, good or bad, does not go to your head, and never derails you from your path, your purpose and your truth.

Is Your Love Conditional?

Remember when I asked you how you felt?

Notice I didn’t ask you why?

Instead, I turned your attention deep down into the feeling of peace that never leaves you.

You see, most people’s happiness (and sense of self-worth) are entirely contingent upon external things.

If times are good, they are happy, but when times are bad, they are unhappy and eagerly crave, chase and claw at the next good time, the next high.

All anyone really has to do is turn their attention inwards to the well of profound joy that already exists.

Don’t be a slave to your circumstances – times will cycle between good and bad. It’s nature – rain, then sunshine, then a tornado, then sunshine, then earthquakes, then more sunshine… It’s the way it’s supposed to be.

You can choose to run from the rain, or sing, dance, splash around and play in it.

When you discover that inner well of peace, that profound joy that never leaves you, you are at last free. You uncover your true masculine strength, and nothing can ever knock you off your path ever again.

Your fan,


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