How To Get Anything You Want – With Almost NO Effort

I made the title as spammy as possible. Haha, you looked! Now get ready for the hard truth about success.

“People who think my art comes easily to me. I assure you, dear friend, nobody has devoted so much time and thought to composition as I. There is not a famous master whose music I have not industriously studied through many times.” – Mozart

Are you a new reader, are super amped up but don’t quite know where to start? Are you an old reader who isn’t getting the results he wanted?

I figured I would write this guide because I’m noticing something in men these days that is quite concerning; A LOT of mental masturbation, VERY LITTLE action.

Wanna get everything you’ve ever wanted? Here’s exactly how.


The first step is to absolutely know exactly what it is you want.

“I just wanna be happy” is not a goal. “I just want a cool girlfriend” is not a goal. “I just wanna be successful” is not a goal.

Turn off the music. Turn off your phone. Log off Facebook. Quit the porn.

Zero distractions for this.

Stand in front of your mirror and scream as loudly as possible.

If right when you read this, your mind shot off excuses, then you’re off to a bad start.


Be a MAN goddamn it. If you can’t do what you want, then you are a slave. So stand up and fucking scream. Scream loud, long and deep until that scream turns into a roar.

Take a good 10 minutes to do this – no words, just let all of it out.

Now that you’re exhausted and your voice is probably hoarse, ask yourself what you want. Imagine there is a gun pointed to your head asking you what the right answer is – what do you want, really?

Write that shit down.

Get High

Wanna know how to get high on life?


Now that you know exactly what you want, hold the image of what you want in your head. Block out everything else but that thought. Put some pump up music to go along. Just sit, close your eyes, listen to the music and visualize it.

Actually feel that success within your reach, start getting excited for it, start screaming “thank you!!” because it already is yours.

The formula is: Visualization + emotions + repetitions.

You can literally go from NOTHING to EVERYTHING just by changing how you feel about your situation.

Did I say ‘think of what you want + all the haters stopping you + your previous disappointments + your fears and insecurities’? No. I said focus ONLY on what you want, and cut out everything else. Do this every single morning, no matter how long it takes until you actually FEEL amazing. When your fears, excuses and insecurities arise, stare them down. Stare them down hard until those fuckers have no place in your life – none.

I want you to repeat “I will act now, tomorrow I am dead” over and over again as your mantra from the moment you wake up, many many times a day, til the moment you are going to bed.

How to defeat your insecurities!!

Your insecurities are a result of too much mind activity. I don’t give a fuck what rationalization you have for it – you can’t out-think your mind problems.

“But Patrick, I have this excuse, this happened to me, look at the proof!” Cute, but I’m too busy living a fucking insane life, and that can never happen if you keep trying to validate your excuses.

How to silence that mind of yours?

Breathe deep, from your stomach. Pull air down, then hold for a second, then release. Hold a second and begin again. Now that you’re nice and relaxed, take a look around you and take the room in. Where were you just now? Probably off in your mind somewhere. Make it a habit to bring yourself back to your room over and over and over. Here and now, always, as many times a day as possible. When you are in action (we’ll get to that shortly) you will be able to ‘snap out of it’ by first realizing that your fear is a future projection and so you are not fully where you are, and you will be able to easily bring yourself back to the now.

Simple shit – constant work.

Take fucking Action

I was asked by someone how I am so instinctive with women. My answer:

“I spent years – literally, years mate. We’re at year 6 now – going out day in and day out. On my breaks at work, on my nights off, in the mall after school, on my way to and from work, Now that I work for myself, on specific times I allocate to it, and I pushed myself HARD. I spoke to beautiful women in the street. I spoke to beautiful women in bars, in clubs, in restaurants. I went on vacations and approached women when my legs where literally shaking, when they were surrounded by big bodybuilder type guys, when they were with men buying them flowers and bottles of champagne in clubs, when they where with their boyfriends, or friends. I tried going under the radar and pretending to be friendly – I soon realized that that was cowardice, so I went the other end and said direct shit. I soon realized women were more interested in me but they would eventually see the weak, pathetic, lonely needy little me that was behind the fake confidence. So I turned inward and worked on that, but all the while still going out there, like a scientist, throwing myself in different situations and gathering information. I learned how to be witty, I learned how to be attractive, I also quickly began to discover that there’s an inner voice inside my head that knows what to do, that knows just what to say and on the times when I let that voice take over, women literally swoon for me. I got rejected probably over a thousand times (not even exaggerating). I’ve been laughed at hundreds of times. I’ve been embarrassed dozens of times and I’ve had my heart broken a handful of times. But day in and day out, like clockwork, I go and I put myself out there. Why? Because the other option is dying alone, settling for good enough, and being unhappy.”

What’s my point? Point is that years ago, I assessed my life and realized that something was missing and I wanted to change it. The amount of effort I put in is damn near staggering, and the rewards were long in coming – but believe me the rewards came. My dating life is far from perfect but the general quality of my life is just… Beyond anything I could’ve ever dreamed of.

So I asked you what you want earlier, and it wasn’t for shits and gigs. I’m a firm believer that the Universe always provides – always.

Every. Single. Time. But the universe isn’t stupid; it will give you what you want but never land it in your lap. It will put it just far enough away so you get off your ass and take it.

Let me make this abundantly clear; You can meditate for years, you can think positive and have rainbows shooting out your ass, but THE RESULTS ARE DIRECTLY CORRELATED TO THE AMOUNT OF WORK YOU PUT IN.

You want to get fit? You can read gym manuals all your life, won’t change a thing. Wanna be wealthy? You can’t fake wealth. Get off your ass.

When I lived in Amsterdam, I didn’t touch drugs. I didn’t get near a prostitute. I didn’t do the typical ‘Amsterdam experience’ tourists go through. I woke up at 5 am and worked hard on my business, went into the office at 9 at my internship, came home at 6, made dinner and worked more. Why? Because by the time I quit my internship, the foundation was set for me to live off my own businesses online.

I would go every friday and saturday (no excuses) to this one club. That club was the top of the top – rich scary good looking tall mafia Dutch guys, stunning classy bitchy blonde girls. It was the place where I took the ego beatings of a lifetime. What did I do? I befriended the bouncer so I could get in for free, skip the lineup every single time. And I went, again and again.

Why? Why would I keep getting embarrassed, humiliated, hurt even, rejected, laughed at and insulted over and over again? Because I knew that this was the A levels – that if I survived this, if I made it, everywhere else on the fucking PLANET would be a breeze.

Wanna get better with women? I don’t give a shit about how busy your schedule is – you get the hell out and you talk to 5 women a day every single day. You push the envelope every single time – you go for a kiss when you think you can’t get it, you speak to women you believe to be out of your league, you talk to girls in front of guys, you say exactly what you are thinking and show up like a man.

Wanna be financially independent? You go on youtube and you find entrepreneurs, you listen to what they have to say and you do what they did. You buy every book you can get your hands on about success and you devour every page. You befriend successful people and you hang around them.

Over the summer I got more involved in my business (literally sink or swim time) and began partnering up with one guy who introduced me to more guys and before I knew it, I was in contact with incredibly successful people. Here’s the thing though, those guys were online at 4 am. I’d ask ‘did you just wake up?’ and they’d say ‘No, I’m finishing something and will pull an all-nighter’. One of them was making a couple hundred thousand $s but quit because he sensed an opportunity to make a million. “But Patrick! I don’t have the time, because I have this obligation and that problem and…” Man the fuck up. If all your life you’ve been instinctively repeating excuses, then you’re dead in the water (we’ll get to that in a bit).

I have a buddy who wanted to be a bodybuilder. We laughed at him at first. Then we noticed his progress. Me and my close friends have a ‘guys night’ every month. We pick a nice restaurant and just all get together (honour your friends, we’ll get to that too) for dinner and drinks. This Amateur bodybuilder would order nothing, go to his car and eat his diet prepped meal. Extreme? Maybe. But 2 years later and he came in 3rd in Canada. I have no doubt he’ll get where he wants to be.

My point is; Most of you here who are not seeing the results you want, I guaran-fucking-tee you you are NOT taking action. “Oh but I went out last thursday!” CUTE! Did you go out Thursday Friday and Saturday? Did you avoid alcohol, face your fears down and talk to 10 women per venue you were in? “But Pat, I eat pretty well most of the time, I just really really like Pizza twice a week” cool, but then don’t cry that you don’t feel like you’re good looking and your health is shit. “But Patrick!!! I literally have no ideas on how to start my business, but I don’t have time to read up and inspire myself and figure out how to start a business” Honestly, we live in the internet age. It’s the first time in history where you can LITERALLY google ‘How to start a small business’ and find step by step articles on how to do it.


This one is important and goes with taking action.

Don’t forget to live. I honour my friends. When I get tickets to an event, I think of which friend would love to come the most. I call my buddies and listen to their problems and issues. My friends know that if its 5 am and they are alone in the cold, they can call me and I will drive over to pick them up. I have friends with who I talk philosophy. I have a closer circle of girl friends with who I go out, I talk about dating and love with. I have buddies I go out with and we just troll, have fun and meet as many people as possible, then have a couple drinks and laugh about it – it’s what we do.

Point is, the more action you take, the more you expose yourself to new opportunities, new adventures and new ways of seeing the world.

Take the pain – all of it

There is no success without suffering.

Ohhh no! TWO girls turned you down – and now you’re giving up? Let me break out my violin for you.

You see, what separates a man from a boy is that a man knows what he wants AND LITERALLY GOD HIMSELF WOULD HAVE TO STAND IN HIS WAY TO STOP HIM. You think a boy can take rejection? Forget it. It’s the most masculine trait ever to get ‘no. fuck off. kill yourself. slap. go away. slap. no. go away. no” until they finally get a yes.

Are you afraid? Does me telling you this make you doubt your journey? Hold up, let me get your one way ticket to mediocre-ville. Most people never get ‘good’, they never live an extraordinary life because the truth is, they prefer to be spectators. Look at the millions of people worldwide who are fat and useless but watch sports avidly, calling the team “our team” as if they had any part to play in the victory brought about by this kid who literally spends 8 hours a day since he was 9 years old in training. Look at the prevalence of reality TV shows. Most people would rather watch others live the glory.

Look, you can have excuses or your can have results – you can’t have both. That’s the bottom line. Does that offend you? Does that hurt your feelings? Good. I’m trying to be offensive. I want you to hate me – but more importantly, I want you to prove me wrong.

If excuses popped in your head while reading this, such as ‘he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. MY situation is different. MY situation is special. I have this excuse, and that roadblock, and that insecurity” then you are not cut out for this. Let me repeat this: IF YOU MADE EXCUSES AS TO WHY THE ABOVE IS NOT TRUE OR DOESN’T APPLY TO YOU, THEN YOU DO NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE GREAT.

Pissed off yet?

Almost No Effort – I Promise!

Understand this: You are a man if women and the world can literally do ANYTHING to you, and you will not be deflated, derailed or pushed off your path. That is the bottom line.

Did I lie when I said it would be effortless? Nope. Because it really is effortless. This whole living thing is not extremely difficult – it’s actually a ton of fun.

Is it easy for me? Nope. I know I’ll get my heart broken – probably worse than ever before. I know my businesses will fail, over and over again. I know I will be scared, depressed, angry and hurt. I know I will be embarrassed and humiliated and dejected. I know all of this – but I welcome it.

How do I do this? Simple. Remember that exercise I talked about up top, about pumping myself up and feeling super amazing? Well when you do that daily, it’s a snowball effect and it really puts things into perspective.

Most of you personalize your problems. Everything always happens to ‘poor little me’! But in reality, life just is. It’s not good or bad. Okay you didn’t get the job. So what? Try again. And again. And again. When you feel amazing and you KNOW you deserve the best, then nothing really gets you down.

You see, everything is a part of the movie. Make it a habit to be in the room – but not in the room, at the same time! “But Patrickkkk you said earlier to make it a habit to bring yourself back to the room, always” well yeah, because when you are not in the room, you’re actually in a lower stage of consciousness. You are listening to the interminable chatter in your head and thinking it’s you, that it’s the truth – no wonder you personalize every problem. But what I’m talking about is being fully present in the room, to be an active agent in what happens in your life, but at the same time to be aware of the larger picture, and to not be attached to it. It’s Karma Yoga in the Hindu tradition. It’s basically being unattached to outcome because you are, on the one hand, actively participating in the drama of life, but on the other hand, you are watching like a spectator at a movie.

You see, that’s why you have to be like children. Because kids don’t give a shit about consequences – they will reach for whatever they want JUST TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY DO.

It’s really that simple. Feel good. Know what you want. Reach for it. See what happens. Wash, rinse repeat. Do it over and over again. You can’t NOT be successful.

Ouf. Rant over!



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