How To Let Go And Express Yourself

Quick social experiment.

Think back at this last week.

Think back at your time spent at work – how often did the urge arise to express yourself, to say what you truly want to say? And of those times, how often did you actually allow yourself to say those things?

What about the last time you were out at a bar, and you were with your friends, and then you looked up for a second and you saw her…

Standing there with her friends, with a big smile, beautiful brown hair dancing gently on her shoulders… Her green eyes excited and sparkling… Her body completely open, vulnerable, warm, inviting…

All you want to do is stand up, walk across the room, look deep into her eyes and let her know just how breathtaking she is. You want her to know how she made you feel – that the sight of her made your body jolt back to life. That seeing her smile made you wonder how you’ve spent your entire life up to that point without seeing anything so beautiful. And that no matter what happens between you two that night, you’ll always look back at this very moment and smile at the thought of her…

But what do you do instead?

You walk in a wide circle around her friends – because God forbid anyone should catch you speaking to a woman!

You slide up subtly behind her, and lean against the bar, even though you have no business there – because you don’t want to seem too eager!

You think of the cleverest line you can think of – because actually putting yourself on the line is so 2015!

Stop. Just Stop.

Cut that shit out right now.

“Stop thinking, and end your problems” – Tao Te Ching

You’re trapped in your damn head. Your mind is saying one thing and your body another.

What you feel is immensely powerful, and what you think is immensely loud – so who wins out in the end?

Whatever you choose to give your attention to.

Most People Never Get What They Want

Let’s do another quick exercise.

Place your attention in your right thumb. Can you feel it? Can you feel the blood pumping through it? The slight tingle in it? Leave your attention there for a second.

Okay no rotate your attention to your left knee. Can you feel it? The weight of your body on it? The slight pain from when you fell down last week? Good.

Now bring your attention to your chest. Is it nice and relaxed? Or tight and constrained? A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself; is there anxiety in me right now? If so, breathe deep and relax more. Super simple stuff.

So why do most people never get what they want? Because they don’t have the courage to ask for it.

How do you ask for it? In the same way that you placed your attention in your thumb, knee and chest, place your attention on what it is you want – and nothing else.

Too Many Mind!

Goddamn it just shrug it off!

I can give a billion examples but you know what you would do? You would end up thinking about it. The goal is to put a stop to thinking! Your problems all begin and end between your ears!

So take a deep breath, relax, and then what I want you to do is to shake it all off. I mean physically, just get up off your chair now and take about 30 seconds to just shake a bit. Loosen your shoulders, relax your chest, jump up and down a bit, shake your arms. It helps to let out a quick “WOOOOOOOooooooo” shout.

Do it now.

How do you feel? Nice and easy eh.

How clear is your mind? Pretty clear.

Be like that. Always.

Stop bogging yourself down with overthinking! Stop letting your attention shoot off in multiple directions all the time – just bring yourself back to here, this room, now!

Your meditation is now. Your time is now. Your greatness is NOW!

Not tomorrow. You’ve spent your life waiting for this ‘tomorrow’. Give it up, it’s not coming.

Just breathe and be.

“Because he clings to nothing, his heart is open as the sky” – Tao Te Ching

Your fan,


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