How to Never Run Out of Things To Say

How to never run out of things to say…

A reader wrote: “I can keep a conversation exciting with high energy for about 5 minutes ..after the first 5 I run out of material. Any advice on this ? Should I keep up this excitement the whole date and if so how ?”

Did you run out of being an interesting person?

This is a big problem that is trending with men nowadays. Why are you worried to run out of things to say? Why do you feel the need to rely on lines or tricks through and through? Do you not feel good enough to hold the attention of a beautiful woman? And if the answer is no, how do you suppose SHE will ever feel that you are good enough to be around her? How are you supposed to build a relationship (whatever it may be you want from her) with this woman if you can’t allow yourself to be authentic around her?

How can you make her feel like a woman, if you can’t bring yourself to feel like a man?

As a general rule, understand that whatever you feel, she will feel. Any keen observer will see that women are emotional creatures and much more intuitive than men, and yet we waste so much time trying to promote material to somehow ‘trick’ women into being with us. Can’t you see why this is paradoxical? I’ll let you in on a secret: It’s in your eyes. Beware of them, they’ll always betray you. Always.

Be Happy!

This is in no way a bad thing! It means that the more genuine you are, the easier she will pick up on it. It actually makes interacting with women SO much easier because you realize that there really is nothing extraordinary you need to do to attract her. It means that you won’t trick your way into her panties because she knows right off the bat what kind of man you are. Whenever someone asks me what kind of man I am, I respond with the same thing; “I am a work in progress”. I love that mindset, because it acknowledges that I am far from perfect, and that every day is a new opportunity for me to excel and better myself.

Become a yes man

So to answer your question: If you can’t think of an interesting story that happened to you in the past week, you aren’t living an interesting life. Become a yes man! Say yes to every new opportunity that presents itself. If you have the choice between taking the subway 3 blocks or walking, walk! Go on an adventure! Just 3 days ago I decided to go to a cocktail party that some business was hosting. I showed up and made friends, who invited me to a beer pong party that night. Friends I met there invited me out to a party tonight and a cocktail next week. Go on adventures, and bring her along!

Be authentic!

One thing my girls all love about me is that I always say exactly what I’m thinking. I will meet a girl and turn to her friend “Jesus, you’re cute too! Who are you?” as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Women are the most beautiful thing God has ever created and I intend on letting them know that. When you approach all women with that same passion and curiosity, you don’t ever ‘run out of material’ because there’s no such thing as material. “I’m curious about you. Tell me about you, I wanna hear everything!”. Talk about her passions! listen to her. Don’t think. I used to do that all the time. I wouldn’t listen, I would just think of something to say while she spoke. Shut up and listen. The most interesting man in the world is the one who knows how to listen best. If you REALLY run out of things to say “Woah, I completely ran out of things to say. You say something!” With a big I-own-the-world-smile.

I promise you will benefit the most by abandoning all that surface junk and work to really become a better man. That’s not to say that fun little games and lines don’t have their uses, but they should not be used to replace or hide your authentic self.

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