[New Vlog] How To Not Be Needy With A Girl

The topic of how to not be needy with a girl has been covered over and over again by different guys in different companies with different philosophies…

But doesn’t it just bug you how they all seem to parrot the exact same answers?

“Oh if you’re needy or clingy or desperate with a girl, checking your texts all the time, wondering what to do next, you should go talk to more girls… that’ll make you less needy!”

Although I agree that it’s important to have options to not bee needy with a girl, I think it’s far more important to spend your time and energy BEING A MAN WORTH CHASING.

Think about that for a second.

This man you want to be… Does he get needy? Does he check his texts every 5 minutes? Does he overthink everything a girl says or does?

Of course not!

It’s not about faking it… It’s about reinvesting that energy you spend on being needy, into something worthwhile!

Watch today’s video to get a better idea:

Enjoy, and let me know how you like it!

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