Main Lessons Of 2016

As I do every year, I went through my journal for the past year and gathered together the main lessons I took away from 2016, and decided to share them with you.

These are taken verbatim from my own personal journal, and is very private – but I wanted to do something special for you guys. It’s a hodgepodge of spirituality, seduction and self-improvement lessons and although the context is missing, the lessons are still very potent and will help make your 2017 the stuff of legends!

So without further ado…

Main Lessons Of 2016

  • Slow everything the fuck down: slow down your movements, your speech, your walking, everything. Minimize and eliminate fidgets, eyes darting around everywhere and useless mental chatter. Be at ease in your own skin and walk the world with ease.
  • I’m in grind mode, trying to accomplish something, but I realize now that I will never stop… I won’t ever achieve a point where I can relax and go “okay, I can stop now”. Its just not how life is – but I welcome it.
  • Chill out and feel women. Leave them that space so you can know their soul for sure, see through the games and facades with a clear mind.
  • How do you fall in love with life? Same way you fall in love with a person. You adore everything about them. You fall in love by seeing only love, hearing only love and speaking only love – thus, you feel only love with all your heart. And that is exactly how you use the power of love to fall in love with your own life.
  • “I have lived with several Zen masters, all of them cats”: The tiger doesn’t give a fuck. When he’s tired, he rests. When he’s hungry he hunts and eats. When it’s time to die, he dies. He is fully conscious, just moving around and playing and looking and exploring, but never self-conscious. That is the power of now… Completely at ease and immersed in whatever you are doing so there is no self-thought. Both doing and observing everything in his surroundings. Completely free.
  • Honestly if you knew you are a walking loaded gun – that you can provide intensely powerful experiences for a woman, that you can make her live out her fantasies, that you can unleash such powerful emotions, that you can release her trapped sexuality – then you would walk with a sly smile and a relaxed swagger. You know that she is yours, they all are… but you cling to nothing and are free.
  • Every time you stop and hold yourself back, every time you stop from doing what you want – because of who is watching, of what others are doing or thinking or saying, whenever there is a voice that jumps up and holds you back because of some made up circumstance, you are castrating yourselfHowever, if you remain deeply rooted in yourself, and connected with the Universe on a profoundly playful level, you will see every opportunity and welcome it as a stepping stone to your destiny. Win or lose, you will always feel complete, and will never miss out on the lesson you were meant to learn.
  • I want NOTHING. I will be her fantasy by showing up, shutting up, and escalating. It’s really that simple.
  • Focus on your purpose; The point is to live like a child – completely open, curious, in awe of the world around him and intently focused on what makes my soul happy. Why am I always scrambling to find a woman? They’re all over! Just invite them to be a part of your life, and when they come along, treat them like the beautiful surprises they are. “Oh hello beautiful!” I’m focused on my mission, but if they grace me with their attention and presence, I will make them feel like the most beautiful women on the planet- but I will not chase, and I will not sacrifice who I am for her, not ever.
  • I guess it’s little things like this to remind me that we are all God in disguise, and to fight the urge to turn away, to snub, to belittle and ridicule and instead to be kind, gracious and welcoming. Beware of your own lower Self, your insecure, broken, angry and resentful self within, and connect instead with the highest possible ideal, your higher Self.
  • Just be you. Obviously self-explanatory but never more obvious than last night. Attraction was effortless. I literally didn’t want anything from anyone besides a good time. I didn’t think about being attractive, about trying to seduce a woman, about going out of my way. My mindset was literally ‘how can I have the most fun possible’? As a result, had a giant group partying all night, buying drinks, adventuring, pulling random people into our party and 3 girls kept trying to get me home, including the last one who straight up tried to negotiate with me into cheating on my girlfriend… It was cray! Honestly; just love love love. Spread that shit to the world and that’s it.
  • Your job is simple: Ask for what you want + be thankful for the abundance showering you at all times + disconnect from the how and when, let the Universe do it’s work.
  • Looking back at the triviality of life, all the moments of self-doubt, every failure, every missed connection, every late arrival, every missed bus, each date that flaked on me, each slip up, every single grain of sand has led me to this exact moment. Right here and now, I am what I am because of those experiences – and yet they are not me. But all of this growth was fueled by a desire to avoid all of this. To avoid the embarrassment, to avoid the hurt, to avoid the missed connections and slip ups and canceled dates. Isn’t it hilarious that they are in fact inextricably linked? If only I had known… I would have welcomed every rejection, every embarrassment, every heartbreak, every success and every failure. But most people, even if I told them this, would STILL desperately seek safety. They would STILL waste more precious time playing it safe, hiding from who they truly are – indestructible, immutable, ‘standing on the motionless foundations of eternity’ as the Gita puts it…
  • The most beautiful expression of your masculine essence, the purest way your confidence will show, is in your ability to fearlessly express yourself with women.
  • Your only goal is to be you and not suppress that for anyone and under any circumstances. THAT unshakable authenticity is what attracts and sucks people into your reality tunnel. But if I just told people that they wouldn’t believe it was that easy… “You mean all I have to do is have fun, be my crazy self and people will wanna fuck me? No way man”. What a shame…
  • The only journey a man should ever embark on is the one of shrinking the chasm between who he has been told to be and who he really is.

I wish you profound success in the New Year Brothers,

Be magnificent.

Give. Love. Serve.


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