My Simple Morning Routine To Supercharge My Day

I’ve signed up for the Wim Hof Method online course and I am PUMPED to take 2017 to the next level! Now, with that in mind, I had the idea to share my morning ritual with you guys, just so you can get an idea of what my mornings look like, and maybe steal whatever you want and build your own morning routine.

First: F*** morning routines.

Morning routines are for people who mindlessly drone on doing the same damn thing every single morning.

Heck, you probably already have a morning routine and aren’t even aware of it.

Think about it… Walk yourself through everything you did this morning, step by step, and then compare it with every other day in the last week.

Chances are, 5 out of 7 days began the exact same way and you didn’t even notice it!

No – I call it my morning ritual.


Because a ritual is something sacred.

It is something you would rather die than not do properly

And necessitates your complete and total concentration.

Morning routines are drab, and every day the same.

A morning ritual supercharges your day, and primes you for any challenge you may face.

The wee hours of the morning are sacred me time and I take that time very, very seriously.

If you don’t respect your own time, why should anyone else?

So, without further ado…

5 am Wake up

Seriously, try it…

I can get a week’s worth of work done in the first 3 hours of my day before I get the first distracting text message or annoying phone call.

In any case, once the alarm goes off, I immediately bend down, press my face to the floor in front of my statue of Lord Krishna, and I pray…

“Dear Lord, today I’m awake, I’m breathing… Thank you.”


After my prayer is done, I sit up straight and run the timer for 20 minutes and I just sit still.

Completely and totally still…

“Just be still. What could be simpler than that?” – Sri Ramana Maharshi


Here’s a cool trick you might want to add to your morning routine… Just kidding. Your morning ritual!

Take your favourite song, or any song that really pumps you up in a positive way (none of that UFC fighting music).

If you have noise-canceling headphones this is even better…

Put the song on, close your eyes, and breathe deep by pulling air down to your belly.

Then, go through everything you’re grateful for… Like down to the smallest thing.

Seriously – just be thankful for the air you’re breathing… And your kickass friends… And that adorable blondie who smiled at you at Starbucks the other day… Every tiny detail.

Breathe deep and with each exhale, just feel grateful.

Once the song is done, I’m willing to bet you’ll feel pretty F*ckin’ amazing!


Yes yes, I know you’ve heard this about every single morning routine ever…

But I do it too…

And it’s pretty damn potent stuff.

I’ve had far too many ‘twilight zone’ moments to put my Law of Attraction doubts to rest for good.

But even if you don’t believe in that ‘woo woo’ stuff, there are still HUGE benefits to visualizing as part of your morning ritual.

Look, let’s say you’re shy around women, so you decide to visualize gorgeous women smiling at you everywhere you go.

Well, pretty soon you’ll start to feel pretty relaxed because you’ll be expecting those positive responses.

And because you’re already expecting positive responses, you won’t hold yourself back so much, and will be much more comfortable meeting new women…

In plain English? You’ll be more confident almost by accident…

And what do all women say is the most attractive quality in a man?

Damn straight – confidence.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy!


A fundamental part of any morning routine, made even more important when incorporated into your morning ritual…

I throw in a 20 minute yoga session, followed by gym/muay thai/insanity in the evening.

But worst case, just do some pushups!

In fact, just google bodyweight workout plans and do a couple sets in your room!

Cold Shower

I don’t just mean cold either…

I mean downright freezing!

You know when you just turn on the shower and it’s ice cold?

Don’t wait – just hop right in.

I quit drinking coffee as a result… I just don’t need to anymore.

This entire morning ritual takes about an hour and by 6 am I’m ready to get to work for a solid 3 hours without interruption.

I jump out of bed in the morning and feel pretty damn excited to greet the day.

And I firmly believe every man needs a morning ritual if he wants to take control of his life, move forward and have the fortitude to face any challenge thrown his way.

So go ahead and steal whatever you want from this, mix and match, create your own and most importantly – start!

Even if your first morning ritual is just 5 minutes long, do it!

Don’t just drag yourself into the shower and on to your day like millions of people do.

Spend some time with yourself.

You’ll be amazed at how refreshing it is!

Give. Love. Serve.


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