The Noble Mistake With Women That Most Men Make

We all know that guy…

You know…

The guy who gets a girlfriend and then vanishes completely.

The guy who used to go to the gym… And then is a fat f***?

The guy who used to go out with all of his friends and had a vibrant social life… And then just stays in with the girlfriend watching ‘Friends’ reruns?

The guy who had goals, ambitions, grit and moxie… And now lectures everyone on the merits of being in a stable relationship?

Yeah… That guy.

That guy is a f***ing PUSSY.

Why Guys Turn Into Pussies When They Get Into Relationships

Truth is I was once that guy.

And I’m willing to bet that you were too – and that’s okay!

See, the problem is what I like to call ‘The Noble Mistake’, which is something every man has fallen for at some point in his life… And that great men learn from and radically grow from!

This ‘Noble Mistake’ a man will make with women is changing his direction, disconnecting from his mission, and reneging his masculine core in order to be comfortable.

Look, it’s not your fault.

As men, in fact, as people, our most innate desire is to be comfortable… To relax and let go and stop struggling.

Think of what animals do in their spare time…

Or what babies do like 90% of the time…

They sleep!

Human beings are lazy animals… And what’s more is that men seek comfort primarily.

I’m willing to bet that you don’t just hop out of bed and run a marathon after you orgasm…

But the fact is that as a man, your battle is always between your higher self and your lower self…

And that lower self will constantly try to sabotage you, and ensure that you ‘settle’ at the first chance that you get.

But it’s only those who remain ruthless with their discipline, and committed to their mission who end up living a life on their terms.

The ‘Noble Mistake’

So you had a target and you were moving towards it at full speed, but now that she is in your life, you shifted the target.

“I’m doing the right thing’ you thought… “I’m making this new target about us”.

But here’s the thing: she doesn’t care.

One of my favourite movies is “Crazy Stupid Love” with Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell.

There’s a great scene in the beginning, where Steve Carell’s character finds out his wife cheated on him and is divorcing him, and he’s sitting alone by the bar mumbling “I thought I did everything right… I got the job… I got the house… I thought I did everything right!”

Here’s the cold hard truth…

She Doesn’t Want You To Make This Mistake

This is the key to creating masculine polarity (it’s not a coincidence that they’re one and the same)…

The ability to fearlessly move in the direction you set for yourself.

That’s it!

It doesn’t matter what it is…

As long as it’s the path you set out for yourself!

You see, the ‘Noble Mistake’ is that men have a tendency to make her the adventure

But your woman wants to be taken on an adventure!

Every woman is aching to be a part of the life of an exciting man… To be swept up in his passion and excitement for the goal he set that is larger than life itself… To be there in his victories… To bear witness to his glory…

And instead… She watches him whither away into complacency and laziness.

Your Mission Is Found In Solitude

If you find yourself there… And find that you’re losing your woman in the process… Don’t worry brother.

We’ll get you out of there in no time.

The trick is to sit with yourself…

Go off for a drive…

Go camping for a night…

Or just sit alone and meditate…

Reconnect with the way you want your life to look, whether she’s a part of it or not.

Find out what it is that makes your heart yearn!

Infuse your life with that warrior spirit that transcends your fears, your doubts and your disappointment…

Come back to your woman a new man, standing tall before her, with that fire in your eyes that you spent so long ignoring!

Be better. Be stronger. Be YOU… And go out and serve the world.

Your fulfillment does not come form her.

Your fulfillment comes from service…

And I don’t care what it is… Strive, try, achieve!

Get out there and be great.

Give. Love. Serve.

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